For US Eco Corp was created in 2019 and its mission is to present our plastic wood products that we manufacture in Brazil, the objective is to form a market capable of absorbing the production of our future factory to be installed in the USA. Our trajectory began in 1994 with the production of recycled polypropylene household items In Brazil.

Get to know us

In 2004 we identified a large volume of unusable factory-generated plastics, mostly North American industries producing in Brazil, being disposed of in landfills. We invest time and money in developing an industrial process to change this picture. In 2005 the lab produced the first plastic wood and in 2006 the lab evolved into a factory. In 2014 we inaugurated the third generation of what we call the most sustainable factory on the planet. An automated plant that recycles its own water and transforms more than 3,000 tons of waste into decks, pergolas, playgrounds, furniture, and a host of smart products without returning anything to the environment. The more we sell, the better we leave the environment and our society. That’s why we grow constantly. When our plant is installed in the United States, we will process waste produced by the same US industries that supply us in Brazil.

When buying our product, you are helping us to remove waste from nature in a conscious and sustainable way!

Our Differential

The company developed a recycling process where materials contaminated by mixing them are processed together and generate our products in Plastic Wood, the technology was developed right here in our company by our people. We focus only on plastic waste that other companies are not able to process, and in this way, we truly remove this waste from industrial landfills.